You’ve got nothing to lose and 7 days of premium service to gain. Start your no-obligation trial. A Flat Rate Answering Service representative will work with you to custom-fit the best service plan for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to sign anything or pay any money to trial your services for 7 days?

No, and if you are not 100% satisfied with the service at any time during the trial simply stop forwarding your phone(s) to us.

What do I get for $165?

For $165 a month we’ll provide you with a 24/7 professional answering service. Whenever you choose to, you may forward your business line(s) to a toll free 800 number where we will answer your calls as if we were your company. Upon calling your business your callers can be greeted by a professional recording or answered live. You can have one screening question to help route your call. Details of these messages will be sent via text, email or an outcall. Your record keeping messages will also be available on our online portal for 3 months.

Introducing Automatic Flat Rate Pricing.

Our flat rate pricing is designed to do just that—help stop your price from going up! Automatic Flat rate pricing tiers allow you to pretty much know what your bill will be each and every month by letting your price remain unchanged in large and generous blocks of 150 minute increments. This means that just because you may have received a few additional calls last month your bill can still remain unchanged! Better still, get less calls during the month and we’ll automatically reduce your bill without you asking us too! Try asking your cell phone carrier to do that!

What are the different levels and pricing?

Flat Rate Price
0 – 150
151 – 300
301 – 450
451 – 600
601 – 750
751 – 900
901 – 1050
1051 – 1200
1201 – 1350
1351 – 1500
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Do you have an online management portal where I can access my account?

Yes, clients can access their account via a secure online portal (on our web site) where they can manage on-call scheduling and review their messages.

Will you always screen out my non-urgent calls via the recording?

That’s is totally up to you. We can answer live for both non-urgent and urgent calls if that is your preference.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1990

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, Flat Rate Answering is a month-to-month commitment—you can cancel with 30 days notice at any time in any month if you are not 100% satisfied with our services.