Our skilled agents have been providing a wide range of flat rate phone answering services to clients throughout the US since 1990. Unlike pay as you go programs our flat rate call answering packages are ideal for the budget conscience business owner. Our call center is particularly experienced in providing customers with fixed price inbound telephone support for wide array of industries including attorney firms, medical offices, contractors, and countless other small businesses.
Throughout the years we have successfully helped businesses who struggle with the unpredictable expense of traditional answering services by providing a flat rate approach to help them better plan for their budgeting needs. Each customer is different and each can have call volumes that vary, sometimes vastly, between months. This is why our no nonsense flat rate approach to billing is far superior to the competition.


You’ve got nothing to lose and 7 days of premium service to gain. Start your no-obligation trial. A Flat Rate Answering Service representative will work with you to custom-fit the best service plan for your needs.

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